Support during the pandemic

We are aware of the threat posed by the Coronavirus, and our teams around the world are working to support and protect our employees, customers and communities, and to ensure that education and research can continue in these challenging times.

We recognised the threat posed by the coronavirus in early 2020, when it began to spread in China. Since then, we continue to closely monitor the evolution of the disease, taking measures to protect our employees and support our users and the educational community in general. By the end of March, most of our employees were working remotely while schools and institutions around the world were closing and moving towards learning at home and online.

Despite these difficult and unpredictable circumstances, we remain focused and committed to our mission.

Supporting the educational community

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At Oxford University Press we have endeavoured to help the educational community adapt to the situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic as much as possible.

Since it began, our aim has been to provide all the content and resources necessary so that teachers can continue giving classes during lockdown. These include:

  • Access to the student's book as an eBook.
  • Access to digital content for our textbooks.
  • Access to Google forms to facilitate remote assessment.
  • Temporary and free access to digital books during the first lockdown.


Extra content for classes

Cultural Bytes and Story Bytes

Explore English culture and storytelling with video classes and activities.

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Learn at home

Continue learning, whatever the circumstances, with content and resources for teachers, parents and students.

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Teaching online?

Advice and resources for giving online classes.

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Training sessions and content


Online event access

Universe of Learning focuses on student and teacher wellbeing.

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Training materials

Find them on Oxford Premium, as well as Quick Tips, a webinar library, and podcasts with class recommendations.

Inside OUP

Our employees have been our priority from the very beginning.

We quickly put measures in place to safeguard our activity and provided the necessary support to staff so that they could work safely under the new circumstances. We have followed government guidelines throughout, and have put strict measures in place to protect our employees at all times.

Anticipating the effects of long-term remote work, OUP has also launched a wellness programme, offering employees new resources, channels and activities to both remain connected and protect our health. 

OUP is not just a workplace, it is a great community where everyone counts.

The University of Oxford and COVID-19

The Oxford COVID-19 vaccine team is working at unprecedented speed in a race against the global threat to human health that is coronavirus. You can find all the relevant news in the following link: