A World of Learning

Oxford University Press have teamed up with Go Pangea to give your students the opportunity to create authentic global connections online!

With Go Pangea, students:

  • collaborate with the Oxford community online
  • answer questions and share ideas
  • develop digital competency, global citizenship and communicative skills.

Now more than 500,000 students in 150+ countries.




Watch now to learn more about Go Pangea:

Go Pangea’s missions

Go Pangea helps every learner realize their potential through fun, accessible learning experiences, backed by research. 

The Go Pangea mission is to promote learning everywhere and help students become responsible digital citizens.

Go Pangea aims to increase global cooperation by fostering respect for people of diverse backgrounds and beliefs.

How does it work?

Discover how to use Go Pangea with your students by clicking through the arrows below.

More about Go Pangea from its founder:

Learn together, learn better

Open Up your world

Start exploring, enjoy achieving

A six-level course for Primary education

Inspiring today's students for tomorrow's world

Inspiring today's students for tomorrow's world

Reach your goals together!

A course for students of all abilities

A project-based learning course

A course that promotes exam confidence and success

A fully updated edition of the bestselling course Key to Bachillerato

The new LOMLOE-compliant course for Upper Secondary

Méthode de français langue étrangère sur 2 niveaux

Méthode de français langue étrangère sur 2 niveaux

Une méthode communicative pour l'enseignement secondaire

Go Pangea & the LOMLOE

The Oxford community on Go Pangea enables students to develop the skills they need to become responsible, active citizens and learners. The LOMLOE highlights the need for teachers to offer students personalised, flexible learning; implement Continuous assessment and self-assessment; and promote Learning Situations in their classrooms. Explore how Go Pangea fulfills these key themes here. 

Students become responsible and respectful digital citizens in a safe and sustainable environment. Go Pangea gives students the opportunity to implement digital communication and collaboration skills in a meaningful and real-life setting.  

Oxford questions are linked to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals: international peace, sustainable development, human rights and humanitarian action. Student interaction with learners around the world promotes international collaboration and a deeper awareness of and respect for other cultures.  

Go Pangea is flexible and adaptable to suit every student’s needs, allowing students to work at their own pace in a safe, supportive environment. The autonomous choice of tasks based on students’ own interests keeps all students motivated.  

Students discover the world by applying interdisciplinary skills and knowledge to answer questions. 

Learners can implement digital communication and collaboration skills in a real-life setting. Students practise communicating effectively and appropriately through written, audio and multimedia presentations.