MO- IB English B

For IB Diploma Programme English B SL and HL students

Address all aspects of the new syllabus

Packed full of interactive activities, these resources thoroughly equip learners to achieve in the new 2018 English B syllabus.

  • Developed in cooperation with the IB, the interactive Course Book pack addresses all changes to the syllabus structure.
  • Developed directly with the IB, IB Prepared: English B provides the most up-to-date, authentic and authoritative guidance on DP assessment.
  • Tackle the new listening component with a wide range of interactive audio exercises.


Kevin Morley, Kawther Saa'd Aldin




16 to 18 years

  • Each Course Book pack is made up of 1 full-colour, print textbook and 1 interactive, online textbook.
  • Address crucial changes to the syllabus structure via in-depth coverage of all 5 prescribed themes and all 5 concepts.
  • Build sophisticated reading, writing, speaking and listening skills via contemporary, international texts and accompanying activities.
  • Tackle the new listening component with a wide range of interactive audio exercises, embedded in your digital Course Book.
  • Develop the transdisciplinary skills central to long-term success with clear links to TOK, CAS and the Extended Essay, and thorough coverage of ATL and language concepts.
  • This pack includes one print Course Book and one online Course Book. Answers to activities can be accessed via the online Course Book, using hot spots located at the start of each unit.


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