New Think Do Learn Arts & Crafts

A CLIL project for Primary

A new active learning experience

By actively involving students in the learning process, New Think Do Learn Arts & Crafts gives students plenty of opportunities to learn through doing and develop their thinking skills. 


Ana Isabel García Abellán, Sergio Andrés Ramirez Cruz, Izabella Hearn, Susan Bolland, Pauline Godson




MEC, Andalucía

  • Active learning approach builds on students’ natural curiosity: Exciting materials – including digital stories, craft videos, songs, chants, animations and groupworks, present the contents in a variety of formats that promote students’ curiosity and attends to different learning styles.  Digital Story videos and a Picture Dictionary – present content in formats that promote exploration. 

  • Critical thinking skills development developed in every unit: Integrated critical thinking skills work introduces students to the process of evaluating, problem-solving, and making decisions. 

  • Opportunities for student to collaborate: 21st century skills integrated into the learning process provide the perfect context for teamwork. 

  • Appealing Fun and diverse activities get all students learning: Motivating stories, projects, songs, and videos help learners understand and personalise consolidate key concepts. 

  • Digital “Plus Zone” for teacher and students that includes digital stories, craft videos, audio audios and karaoke songs. 

  • Oxford Premium: Teacher exclusive access to all the teaching tools and digital resources. 

Find out how New Think Do Learn links to ELT content with Oxford Bilingual Journey, a customisable framework that supports you and your students on the path to bilingualism. 


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