Think Do Learn Arts & Crafts

A CLIL project for Primary

Effectively stimulate students’ creativity and develop their knowledge and skills through carefully guided activities.  
Each unit draws links with topics covered in the Natural Sciences curriculum, thus motivating students to learn more about both areas. 



  • Think Do Learn’s team of authors know what really works in the classroom. They combine expertise both in teaching Arts and Crafts in English and in English Language Teaching

  • Careful grading of language makes it easier for students to understand and learn new, specific art-related vocabulary while the functional language provided gives students the necessary tools to communicate effectively. 

  • The concept or artistic technique in each unit is introduced through works of art taken from a variety of artistic styles giving students a reason to engage with the subject content. Students are then guided to apply this technique with increasing autonomy. 

  • A craft activity at the end of each unit provides students with the opportunity to create their own artistic product and then share their creations with their classmates. 

  • The stories engage students in the topic by making it relevant to their own experience while they broaden and contextualize the art concept and lead them to a productive art activity. 

  • Songs provide an appealing way of introducing new language and structures covered in the unit. 

  • A group project per term promotes oral communication and collaborative learning as well as expanding students’ cultural knowledge. 

An integrated digital and multimedia pack for the interactive whiteboard, including stories and digital flashcards will keep students motivated and facilitate their understanding of the subject


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