Your World Arts and Crafts

A six-level course for Primary education

Inspiring today's students for tomorrow's world

Motivate and engage students of all abilities with Your World, a 6-level course for Arts & Crafts that prepares them for the future.

This brand new Primary CLIL series provides real artworks from different cultures, eras and styles for students to actively observe and analyse as they create. Each lesson guides students through the planning and experimentation of a different art approach, and provides the English language scaffolding they need. Students develop curiosity, sensitivity and respect whilst using a wide variety of art materials to express their thoughts and feelings.

NEW Blended solution

Your students can enjoy all the benefits of the print and the digital book for flexible learning wherever they are.

  • Class Book pack with Digital Class Book
  • Active Learning Kit


Julia Mena



Enter the world of inclusive learning, and support students of all learning styles to reach their individual learning goals. Keep them engaged with games and infographics, and provide the scaffolding they need to develop their English language skills with the Language Learning Lab.

Enter the world of competence-based learning, where students are equipped with the skills they need for tomorrow’s world. The STEAM focus develops students’ scientific competences and problem-solving skills, while self-assessment tasks encourage them to take more control over their own learning.

Enter the real world through an exciting and easy-to-use blended package that taps into children’s reality. Introduce children to global issues and empower them to become active citizens through Learning Situations linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Students work collaboratively to solve real life problems in a creative and innovative way. Webquests engage students to find information, discover and understand new perspectives of the world we live in, and develop digital literacy and critical thinking skills.

Your World has a real-world, competence-based approach with a focus on inclusivity, which ensures that all students develop a deeper understanding of the world they live in, inspiring a lifelong love of learning.

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