A four-level course for Secondary education

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Motivate Secondary students to communicate in real-world contexts with cutting-edge media and communicative activities that capture students’ attention, inspire them to take responsibility for their own success and empower them to communicate with confidence.

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Your students can enjoy all the benefits of the print and the digital book for flexible learning wherever they are.

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  • Project 360º
  • Active Learning Kit


Cheryl Pelteret, Paul Kelly, Paul Driver, Rebecca Lesourd, Helen Halliwell, Sarah Walker


CEFR A1+-B1+

Specific edition available


Capture students’ attention with authentic content

Project 360 lessons, interactive videos presented by teenagers, and authentic texts spark students’ curiosity and get the whole class talking.

Empower students to communicate with confidence

Social media-inspired videos equip students with the language they need to communicate in realistic situations, while the exciting new speak and record feature, Real Talk, gives learners the opportunity to improve their speaking skills independently.

Inspire students to take responsibility for their own success

A student-centred approach motivates students to take responsibility for their own success, with in-built mixed ability materials giving everyone a chance to achieve. The digital i-Progress Check enables students to track their progress and identify exactly where they need additional practice.

Developed in partnership with teachers and learners in Spain

Dynamic is packed with a variety of engaging practical content which is close to students’ reality and gives them a clear reason to learn. Based on targeted research, it includes the most popular topics as voted for by teens and their teachers, including travel, technology food and friendship.

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Project 360 provides an immersive experience for students, putting them in the centre of their learning by encouraging them to explore interactive content autonomously. 

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