Inicia Technology

A project where true, life-long learning becomes reality. It has everything inicia offers, with a real adaptation for the CLIL classroom. A motivating, learner-centred project which promotes critical thinking for successful self-development.

It also has a dual purpose, to be able to apply content and to develop competencies as well as providing help with regards to both content and language.  
Inicia is offered in both print and digital format, and makes the learning process an enriching and positive experience. 



  • A multi-medium educational project in print and digital format, which converts the teaching and learning process into an enriching and positive experience. 
  • An inclusive approach which promotes teamwork and active participation, providing opportunities for success for each and every learner. 
  • Continuous assessment with learners fully involved in the process, resulting in an effective evaluation process. 
  • A modular offer by subject is available, bringing flexibility to what you want to teach in English. 

Inicia Technology:

  • Oxford Projects: a website where students will be able to build on their knowledge by acting as real scientists and using ICT resources.
  • Analysis of Structures, Structure Simulator and Procedures: each unit includes sections that require students to put into practice the content they have covered.
  • Technological projects: to do in the classroom or at home.
  • Computer-aided simulations 

Discover multi-medium learning! All the flexibility you need: you choose how you want to teach your content. 

  • Dual Book. Two books in one: the printed book and a digital, page-faithful version of it, which includes the digital portfolio and complete audio of all the texts. Students will be able to access their content anywhere and from any device. Teachers will also have a version available. 
  • Digital Book. A new concept of digital book, designed to be used on any digital device. The inicia Digital Book has been developed with an optimized navigation to enhance learning using these digital supports. It includes the digital portfolio and complete audio for all the texts. Teachers will also have a version available. 


  • A modular offer by subject is available, bringing flexibility to what you want to teach in English.  
  • The activities are classified by typology and adapted for the CLIL classroom, with added listening activities and reading tasks integrated within the activities.  
  • The audio for all the texts is included, to facilitate classroom presentation or for students to practise at home. 
  • Graded, authentic English with scaffolding throughout helps deliver the content in clear language to support understanding. 
  • Speaking activities, which also require students to hand in a written piece of work, encourage students to work on both the content and the linguistic aspect of the task. 

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