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GENiOX CLIL project for Secondary

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GENiOX Core is a new adapted version of the Spanish book in English, that meets your demands and adapts to the bilingual needs of your classes. A different learning experience to help you to create a new generation of students committed and prepared for the future.

Technologies GENiOX Core is a CLIL version of the GENiOX book available in Spanish, in which the curricular content is presented not only through text but also through listening activities and visual resources.

This facilitate different styles of learning and students’ understanding of the content.


Jesús Moreno, M.ª Victoria Salazar, Araceli Isabel Sánchez, Francisco Javier Sepúlveda, Julio Olmo (guided project)




Andalucía, Murcia

CLIL approach: students actively develop their communication, comprehension and critical thinking skills as they learn the subject content.


  • CORE is not simply a translation: the content has been carefully adapted to students’ English level at each stage.
  • The accessible language used boosts understanding and keeps students motivated.
  • There’s plenty of vocabulary and academic language support.
  • The variety of ways in which information in presented (maps, flowcharts, charts etc.) aids student comprehension.

Technologies GENiOX Core:

  • Key contents structured in an easy-to-use, clear and intuitive format.
  • Includes concise texts, a keyword glossary, visual explanations and CLIL activities with a wide range of listening and speaking activities.
  • Special attention is given to collaborative cross-curricular STEAM activities and the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals in order to develop students’ 21st century problem-solving skills.
  • Complete instructions for the final project at the end of the book.

GENiOX Digital Desktop: for both students and teachers to work online and offline.

  • New customisable desktop to access your digital Student’s Book as well all the accompanying resources for both student and teacher.
  • Digital Student’s Book includes talking book and class audios as well as digital activities for study and revision.
  • Teacher’s version includes answer keys, programmes of study, printables with answer keys and a selection of resources in Spanish.
  • English test generator to create your own tests to monitor and evaluate students.
  • Oxford Premium: teacher exclusive access to all the teaching tools, includig resources in Spanish for mixed ability classes.

This project includes a series of CLIL tools for the bilingual teacher, bilingual coordinator and language assistant:


  • Specific resources include: scaffolding worksheets, dictionary worksheets and extensive audio resources.
  • Language assistant activities to help you make the most of your classroom support.
  • The Oxford Bilingual Journey provides bilingual coordinators with tools to encourage the implementation of cross-curricular projects in each course.


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