Reach Up

A two-level course for Upper Secondary education

Aspire - Engage - Achieve

Reach Up is a flexible, dynamic Upper Secondary course with a strong focus on exam preparation and transferable skills to empower students to reach their full potential.


Caroline Krantz, Rachael Roberts



Extensive exam preparation for university entrance and external exams

Ensure EBAU success with integrated exam training, including frequent exam style questions, extensive vocabulary input and structured Writing Workshops. Students also receive access to model exams for all regions.

Real-life topics stimulate and motivate learners

Engaging and accessible content opens up a world beyond the classroom, and familiarises students with everyday English.

Learner autonomy prepares students for the wider world

A focus on critical thinking and independent learning strategies develops not only good study habits, but also transferable skills to set students up for lifelong success.

Innovative digital content featuring flipped classroom videos

From flipped classroom videos to situational dialogues, Reach Up’s unique multi-dimensional content presents language in an entertaining and memorable way.

Flipped classroom videos, dialogues, and vox pops model language through real-world situations.

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