Inicia Philosophy

Oxford CLIL for Bachillerato

A project where true, life-long learning becomes reality. Fully adapted for the CLIL classroom with a motivating, learner-centred approach that promotes critical thinking for successful self-development. 

The combination of print and digital format converts the teaching and learning process into an enriching and positive experience. 

You can choose: 

  • Inicia Philosophy with Filosofía Inicia Dual:  

Inicia Philosophy Consolidation Student’s Book – The CLIL Edition that mirrors units structure and contents sequence of the Spanish edition. 

Filosofía Inicia Dual Book – Two books in one: the Spanish page-faithful and a digital, page faithful version of it, which includes the digital portfolio and complete audio of all the texts. 

  • Inicia Philosophy: 

Inicia Philosophy Consolidation Student’s Book – The CLIL edition of Filosofía INICIA that you can use with your own subject contents. 



Includes all the INICIA real learning benefits: 

  • Methodological innovation brought to the students throughout the project. 

  • Continuous assessment with learners fully involved in the process. 

Follows the content sequence of the Spanish edition:

  • Mirrors its unit structure to consolidate key concepts in English. 

  • Includes similar images and illustrations. 

  • Is not a translation of the Spanish edition. 

Develops communicative skills:

  • Is written in clear English that is suited to the students’ level. 

  • Includes activities adapted for the CLIL classroom. 

  • Includes a recording of the content of each unit 

Inicia Philosophy offers a special tool to improve students’ oral pronunciation.  

The Talking Book includes a recording of each content, giving students the opportunity to practice their listening and speaking skills, whilst internalizing grammatical structures. 


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