PAW Patrol graded readers

These PAW Patrol stories are part of Reading Stars, a three-level graded reading series that encourages children’s first steps to reading success.

The language is carefully graded and the amount of text increases gradually in each of the three available levels. There are also links to other curricular areas, such as Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, so that children's English language learning is integrated with their broader educational development.

Join your favourite PAW Patrol characters on their adventures!

Level 1


There's a snowslide on Jake's Mountain. Where's Cali? Can the PAW Patrol help her? – 9780194677615


There is a whale on the beach in Adventure Bay! Can the PAW Patrol help the whale get back into the water? – 9780194677745


There is a problem at the beach. Can the PAW Patrol save Katie's boat? – 9780194677929


The rabbits are eating Farmer Yumi's carrots. Can the PAW Patrol save the carrots and find a new home? – 9780194677493


Ryder has a new robot named Robo Dog. Can the PAW Patrol find Robo Dog when he runs away? – 9780194677561

Level 2


Cap'n Turbot gets into trouble under the sea. Can the PAW Patrol help him? – 9780194677813


Mr. Porter is making a big pizza, but where are all the tomatoes? Can the PAW Patrol find them and save the big pizza? – 9780194678018


The circus is coming, but will it reach Adventure Bay? When there is a problem with the circus train, Ryder and the PAW Patrol come to the rescue. – 9780194677639


It's a snow monster! Can the PAW Patrol help? – 9780194677516


Chickaletta gets into trouble with Farmer Yumi's tractor, and Bettina and Garbie run away! Can the PAW Patrol help? – 9780194677820

Level 3


When Alex goes hiking with his grandpa, he gets into trouble. Can the PAW Patrol save him in a muddy mountain rescue? – 9780194677738


Farmer Al's cows escape! Can the PAW Patrol get them back on the train before it leaves? – 9780194677721


Mayor Goodway and Alex take a boat trip, but when the weather turns bad they need the PAW Patrol's help! – 9780194677653


A baby bird falls out of a tree. Can the PAW Patrol help it get back to its nest? – 9780194678032


There's a lost baby elephant in the camp! Can the PAW Patrol help the elephant to find its mommy? – 9780194677837


A cat runs away from Katie's Pet Parlor. Where is it? Can the PAW Patrol help? – 9780194677905


There's a penguin in Adventure Bay! Can the PAW Patrol help the penguin to get home? – 9780194677530


Ryder and Cap'n Turbot take a boat trip. When when they see a seal in trouble, they need the PAW Patrol's help! – 9780194678049


Ants take all of Mayor Goodway's strawberries, so she can't make jam! Can the PAW Patrol help? – 9780194678025


François is having tightrope trouble. Can the PAW Patrol help him to get safely across? – 9780194677912

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