Get Set

A two-level course for Upper Secondary education

Get set for success

Combining a step-by-step structure with clear presentation, engaging topics and ample exam preparation, Get Set guarantees success for your Upper Secondary class.


Sylvia Wheeldon, Colin Campbell



Supportive approach makes learning achievable

Get Set is carefully structured to ensure a step-by-step learning experience that gets the whole class participating.

Prepares students for university entrance exam success

Frequent exam-style tasks pair with supportive strategies to ensure students perform confidently on exam day.

Memorable multimedia content engages learners

Captivating topics and engaging vocabulary and pronunciation videos add an interactive dimension to your class.

Flexible material ideal for mixed ability classes

Get Set ensures every student progresses at their own pace, with fast-finisher activities, useful language support and annotated writing models to assist successful production.

Discover more about the course in this handy overview.

Engaging and interactive ‘vox pops’ give students extra opportunities to extend their vocabulary.

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