Think Do Learn Little Scientists

A CLIL project for Pre-Primary

Discover the world through doing experiments!

Prepare students for CLIL programmes in Primary with these easy, fun experiments that follow scientific methodology and introduce Natural Sciences vocabulary from early on. 

Little Scientists encourage children to discover the world through stimulating experiments, which foster their natural curiosity and observation skills. 

Children will put into practice the processes of predicting, experimenting and discovering the natural world in an enjoyable way. 


M. Teresa Feu Vidal, Olga Schaaf Casal, Anxo Fariña, Angela Cofiño


Starter, Level A, Level B

  • Flexible, sensory-based approach allows you to incorporate the science experiments into your lessons as needed. 

  • Engage children in the wonders of science from an early age with stimulating investigations, which foster curiosity and observational skills. 

  • Introduce learners to a variety of scientific concepts by first encouraging them to make predictions and then test these predictions through simple experiments. 

Teachers will count on a whole package of resources available in Oxford Premium.  

This package will include Teacher’s Book in PDF format, songs and additional experiments with video links. 

If you are interested in covering a broader topic, choose the Little Artists + Little Scientists Pack. You will enjoy integrated resources and a specific virtual environment. 


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