Think Do Learn: Little Scientists + Little Artists Pack

A CLIL project for Pre-Primary

Discover the world through science, art and music!

These integrated projects nurture children’s self-awareness and autonomy. 

Children will put into practice the processes of experimenting and discovering the natural world and at the same time they will develop their imagination and creativity. 

If you choose both Little Scientists and Little Artists, you will have access to My Little World projects in the teacher´s guide. 

With this pack, children will do fun, personalised activities that help them relate the topics to the world they live in. 

Both series cover content from the areas of water, materials and living things, which allows you to alternate and combine content according to your lesson plans. 


Nina Lauder, Susan Bolland, Jessica Henderson, Marlena Kennedy


Starter, Level A, Level B

  • Enter My Little World with your students to develop their knowledge and understanding of the world around them. The projects help acquire a wide range of communication skills and develop their  self-awareness and autonomy.
  • Engage children through experiments and creative activities that allow them to explore their senses from an early age. 
  • Children will practice observation, creation and interaction, as well as learning to communicate results in an enjoyable way. 

Teachers will count on a whole package of resources available in Oxford Premium.  

This package includes My Little Playground virtual space for teachers and also videos, posters, games and other digital resources. 


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