New Think Do Learn Natural Sciences

A CLIL project for Primary

A new active learning experience

By actively involving students in the learning process, New Think Do Learn Natural Sciences gives students plenty of opportunities to learn through doing and develop their thinking skills.  


Alison Blair, Jane Cadwallader, Iria Cerviño, Nina Lauder, Mandy McLoughlin, Blanca Morote




Estándar, Madrid, Andalucía

  • Active learning sparks students’ curiosity: Colourful double-page spreads checks learners’ prior knowledge, promotes autonomous learning, and encourages students to start exploring. 
  • Integrated critical thinking skills: Starting each lesson with a question not only encourages learners to evaluate, solve problems, and make decisions, it also lays the foundations for achievement in Secondary schools. 

  • Plenty of collaborative learning opportunities: Activities with 21st century skills get students working together towards a common goal. 

  • Motivating materials for different learning styles: Entertaining stories, projects, songs, and videos encourage learners to become active participants in the learning process. 

  • Digital “Plus Zone” for teacher and students that includes digital stories, experiment time videos, animations, digital activities and games. 

  • Oxford Premium: Teacher exclusive access to all the teaching tools and digital resources. 

Find out how New Think Do Learn links to ELT content with Oxford Bilingual Journey, a customisable framework that supports you and your students on the path to bilingualism. 


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