Technology and Digitalisation GENiOX CLIL

GENeration OXford: ready and willing

A complete package that adapts to the bilingual needs of your classes, meets your demands, and helps you create a new generation committed to and prepared for the future.

  • Key contents structured in an easy-to-use, clear and intuitive format.
  • Student’s book pages include concise texts, a keyword glossary, visual explanations, and CLIL activities with a wide range of listening and speaking activities.
  • Special attention is given to collaborative cross-curricular STEAM activities and the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals to develop students’ 21st century problem-solving skills.
  • Complete instructions for the final project at the end of the book.



GENiOX combines comprehensive and rigorous coverage of curricular content with a clear and simple structure that makes it accessible for both teachers and students.

GENiOX has been carefully designed to match your students’ English level at all stages.

GENiOX contains a wide variety of activities and resources designed to develop your students’ competences and keep them motivated.

GENiOX presents information in a variety of ways (maps, flowcharts, charts, etc.) to aid your students’ comprehension.

GENiOX includes plenty of vocabulary and academic language support to help your students actively develop their communication skills.

GENiOX offers a bilingual package with content that has been not merely translated to English, but fully adapted by experts in CLIL methodology to provide students with engaging material in real-world English.

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