Civic Values and Ethics GENiOX CLIL

GENeration OXford: ready and willing

A complete package that adapts to the bilingual needs of your classes, meets your demands, and helps you create a new generation committed to and prepared for the future.

  • CLIL approach: students actively develop their communication, comprehension and critical thinking skills as they learn the subject content.
  • Not simply a translation: the content has been carefully adapted to students’ English level at each stage.
  • The accessible language used boosts understanding and keeps students motivated.
    There’s plenty of vocabulary and academic language support, including a glossary.
    • Specific CLIL resources include: scaffolding worksheets, dictionary worksheets and extensive audio resources.
    • Language assistant activities to help you make the most of your classroom support.
    • Activitiesaudios with different accents.

  • Students develop fundamental life skills through working on tasks and projects related to challenges facing the world today.
  • Topics are organised by block and integrate basic knowledge and Learning Situations.
  • The Student’s Book includes keyword glossaries and CLIL activities with a wide range of listening and speaking tasks.
  • Exam revision is made easy by Revision activities and Passnotes.

  • Specific sections for working on Key Competences, listed with icons.
  • Special attention given to digital competence through specific activities.
  • Learning Situations in each unit.
  • Diversity, inclusion and gender equality integrated comprehensively across all units.
  • Systematically incorporates proposals for achieving SDGs, education for sustainable development, and global citizenship.
  • Activities, sections, and resources designed to facilitate Continuous assessment.
  • Focus on defending children's rights, gender equality, physical and emotional wellbeing, and Sustainable Development Goals, in all areas. 

  • Teaching resources: Programaciones, answer keys, rubrics, related links, and more.
  • Digital resources: Concept maps, dictionary worksheets and scaffolding worksheets, and the Digital Book.
  • Continuous assessment: Test Generator, Oxford Exams, and online tests to make assessment and tracking easy.
  • Unit presentation: A summary of the key contents of the unit.
  • Digital revision activities to test knowledge in an interactive format.
  • Weblinks to expand students' knowledge and help them find information for research tasks.
  • Animations to visualise processes and mechanisms in a dynamic way.

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