Oxford World's Classics: The Invisible Man

One night in the depths of winter, a bizarre and sinister stranger wrapped in bandages and eccentric clothing arrives in a remote English village. His peculiar, secretive activities in the room he rents spook the locals. Speculation about his identity becomes horror and disbelief when the villagers discover that, beneath his disguise, he is invisible.

Griffin, as the man is called, is an embittered scientist who is determined to exploit his extraordinary gifts, developed in the course of brutal self-experimentation, in order to conduct a Reign of Terror on the sleepy inhabitants of England. As the police close in on him, he becomes ever more desperate and violent.


  • Detailed introduction sets the book in its literary and philosophical context. It also explores the influence of The Invisible Man on both popular culture and on Modernist writers in a section entitled 'Afterlives of the Invisible Man', including references to D.H. Lawrence, Nabokov, Borges and Ellison.
  • Includes a chronology, bibliography, and notes to provide additional contextual interest.

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H. G. Wells, Editor Matthew Beaumont








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