Open Up

A six-level course for Primary education

Open Up your world

Activate students through a LOMLOE-aligned course which takes video to the next level and taps into their real world. Develop the tools needed for authentic communication and Mediation, and the values of global citizenship, emotional wellbeing and intercultural openness.

Discover the brand-new Capital Letters edition of Class Book 1! Find a sample unit in Student Materials, Level 1.

Blended Solution

Your students can enjoy all the benefits of the print and the digital book for flexible learning wherever they are.

  • Class Book pack with Digital Class Book
  • Activity Book pack with Digital Activity Book
  • Activity Book pack with Digital Activity Book Exam Edition
  • Essential Activity Book pack with Digital Essential Activity Book
  • Active Learning Kit


Cheryl Palin, Hawys Morgan, Mary Charrington, Helen Casey, Joanna Heijmer, Sarah Dilger


CEFR Pre-A1 – A1+





  • Open up students’ eyes to the world with authentic, relatable, and intercultural content, as seen through the point of view of a child. Make their learning experience authentic, introducing them to real life issues from around the world to empower them to become global citizens. Prepare them for their academic future with the Activity Book Exam Edition.
  • Open up students’ imagination with innovative vlog-style video content that is fun and engaging. Videos are presented in familiar formats to students to spark their curiosity for language learning and give them the motivation to stay curious. 
  • Open up students’ feelings and aid in the development of their emotional wellbeing and self-awareness skills. The series has been developed with a strong emotional wellbeing strand to encourage students to discuss how they feel, including mindfulness practices to help calm and focus students and develop their emotional wellbeing skills.

  • Learning Situations: Termly Learning Situations in Open Up are structured around a topic question, which help students reflect on issues and questions they will encounter outside the classroom. 
  • Competence based learning: Open Up ensures that the Key Competences are developed methodically. They are clearly highlighted in the Class Book and explained throughout the teacher’s notes. Competence-based assessment rubrics and Specific Competences tests facilitate implementation of the LOMLOE in the classroom.
  • Continuous assessment: A complete assessment package includes cumulative termly exams. The iProgress Check and Learning Record sections of the Active Learning Kit encourage students to learn independently.
  • Mediation: Mediation activities in every unit ensure the development of this language skill in the classroom. Teaching notes in the teacher’s book include easy-to-understand explanations.

Learn more here about how Open Up incorporates the key features of the LOMLOE.

Open Up’s relatable video content reflects the style of videos children watch today and inspires them to learn, while the course’s methodology develops their emotional wellbeing and helps them make sense of their world.


Real world options

Choose between the Class Book and My English Folder (Levels 1 and 2) and decide which is the best option for your younger students: a complete course book with engaging activities to help children develop communicative and fine motor skills, or a set of active learning resources that allow you to teach at your own pace.

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