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Live webinars October 21st

Foto de Francisco Ríos y Jairo Rodríguez Medina

LOMLOE fácil: Competencias y diversidad en la LOMLOE

18:00-19:00 (CEST) with Francisco Ríos: Las competencias como eje vertebrador del currículo

19:00-20:00 (CEST) with Jairo Rodríguez-Medina: Diversidad en la LOMLOE: ¿En el inicio del camino hacia una escuela más inclusiva?

Past webinars

LOMLOE made easy: Digital and situational competences in action

18:00-19:00 (CEST) with Russell Stannard: Practical ideas to combine language teaching ideas and digital competences

19:00-20:00 (CEST) with Phill Ball: Situational competences in language education

Key themes

  • Equal opportunities
  • Promotion of gender equality
  • Personalized, flexible learning
  • Continuous, formative and inclusive evaluation
  • New Civic & Ethical Values subject
  • Upholding the Rights of the Child
  • Focus on sustainable development and global citizenship

That promotes:

  • Holistic development of skills and competences
  • Educational research, experimentation and innovation

LOMLOE and our books

Find out how our books are aligned with the key themes of LOMLOE

Amazing Rooftops 1 Class Book

LOMLOE and Amazing Rooftops

All About Us 1 Class Book

LOMLOE and All About Us

Energize 1 Student's Book

LOMLOE and Energize

Dynamic 1 Student's Book

LOMLOE and Dynamic

Key 2nd edition 1 Student's Book

LOMLOE and Key 2nd Edition

Nouvelle Experience 1 ESO Livre de l’élève

LOMLOE and Nouvelle Expérience