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A short history of OUP

Letras de imprenta
  • 1478 - First book printed in Oxford
  • 1586 - Decree of Star Chamber grants the University one printer and printing press
  • 1611 - The University is granted the right to print the King James Authorized Version of the Bible. This Bible Privilege formed the basis of OUP's publishing activities throughout the next two centuries. 
  • 1633 - Delegates appointed to oversee the University’s printing process
  • 1884 - First edition of the Oxford English Dictionary begins publication (in instalments)
  • 1896 - First overseas branch opens in New York

Página de un diccionario
  • Early 1900s - Publishing expands to include music scores, children’s books, and journals
  • 1926 - Overseas Education Department (later English Language Teaching) begins
  • 1928 - Last volume of OED first edition published
  • 1945 - A.S. Hornby’s Advanced Learner’s Dictionary published
  • 1985 - Oxford Reading Tree first published
  • 2000 - OED launched online