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Digital tools for your teaching, wherever you are:

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Oxford Premium

Get Started with videos help you discover the benefits of the print and digital components of your Oxford course, showing you how to:

  • Use Oxford Premium.
  • Access and use the iPack.
  • Make the most of the Blended Solution.
  • Get the most out of the Teacher’s Guide.
  • Take advantage of Digital Books.

A resource bank of teacher training material with the latest and most effective methodologies and techniques, including:

  • Assessment
  • Mediation
  • Communication skills
  • Classroom language
  • Digital learning

An introductory section including descriptions of the methodology and concept behind the course. This full syllabus overview includes such features as: 

  • Advice on teaching mediation.
  • Guidance on competence-based teaching and evaluation.
  • Ideas on how to implement Learning situations effectively. 
  • A Tour of a unit presenting an overview of the function of each lesson, sequence of resources, and standard teaching steps.
  • Suggestions for optional warm-up activities.
  • Tips and notes for specific activities.
  • Audio and video transcripts.
  • Answer Key.
  • Rapid Routes for teachers with reduced timetables.

Digital Book

Give your students full access to every aspect of their course book, no matter where they are.

A fully-interactive version of the print book, students access the digital book with a code from the inside cover of their printed course book. The digital book includes:

  • Exercises with auto-marking
  • Audio & video
  • Access to digital assessment
  • Progress tracking

Learn more about the digital book and see examples of interactive exercises by scrolling down to the section Assign.


Teach ready to go, highly engaging lessons on screen with fully interactive versions of students’ books and built-in answer keys.

Available online or offline, updates across devices.


  • Audio & video
  • Answer keys
  • Teaching notes
  • Integrated Active Learning Kit
  • Extra activities

Teacher’s Resources on Oxford Premium

Persona accediendo a Oxford Premium

Easily access all your classroom tools for teaching.

  • Launch your iPack.
  • Access and listen to class audio.
  • Access and view course videos.

Digital Book

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Students complete tasks on their own, either as extension work or assignments. Built-in multimedia resources are at the touch of a button, side-by-side with the corresponding activity.

The tick mark next to an exercise opens a pop-up window for students to add and self-check their answers. Students’ results on every exercise are collected on the teacher’s class page under the Calificaciones tab, making it easy to see at a glance where each of your learners stands.

Active Learning Kit

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The Active Learning Kit is designed to help your students reach their full potential, using gamified interactive activities to motivate and engage them. Learners can use the Active Learning Kit individually or as teacher-set extension work to improve their vocabulary, practise their grammar skills, and reflect on their learning.

This tool is available for:

Track students’ progress with Gradebook

See students' grades as they complete exercises and tests online.

  • View individual and class averages for all classwork and tasks.
  • Leave comments directly exercises.
  • Choose from multiple views.
  • Download grades in Excel.

Track learning with the Active Learning Kit

Learners track their studies with the skills-focused iProgress Check.

  • iProgress activities aligned with course syllabus.
  • Students evaluate what they've learned and reflect on where they want to improve. Learn more about Continuous assessment.
  • Students’ results reflected in the Gradebook.
  • Explore all the sections of the Active Learning Kit.

Test Generator

Allows teachers to create their own custom unit tests at multiple difficulty levels.

  • Easy-to-use and flexible.
  • Personalise learning by adapting tests to your students' needs.
  • Choose the language focus or mix them.
  • Select test items from an activity bank or create your own.
  • Save tests as PDFs or facilitate online evaluation by giving your students digital access.



Continuous assessment

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Continuous and formative assessment is integrated into every Oxford University Press course.

Following the requirements of the LOMLOE, assessment in the classroom must be used as an instrument for improvement for both teachers and learners.

Explore our webpage for everything you need to get started with Continuous assessment.