The Oxford Test of English is a new, high-quality general English proficiency test. It has been developed and validated by Oxford University Press and independent experts.

Certified by the University of Oxford

The Oxford Test of English gives Test Takers an externally validated statement of their proficiency in English, certified by the University of Oxford.

100% online

It is modern in style and content, relevant for today’s learners. It is 100% online and takes approximately 2 hours.

Aligned to the CEFR

The Test is independent of any curriculum or course and is aligned to the CEFR, providing external international credibility.



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The demos will help you understand what to expect when you take the only English proficiency test certified by the University of Oxford.

For the best experience, please use one of the following desktop browsers in full screen: Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge. 

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About the exam

Are you going to university? Changing courses? Going away on Erasmus? Or planning the next step in your career?

Here are just a few reasons why you should take the Oxford Test of English:

The Oxford Test of English gives Test Takers an externally validated statement of their proficiency in English, certified by the University of Oxford.

The Test can be taken when it's really needed and in any module combination: Speaking, Reading, Listening, and Writing. All four skills are assessed in approximately 2 hours.

Individual modules can be later re-taken, and the Report Card will always show the latest and best result. 

The task scenarios replicate real-life language usage in social, work, and study situations.

The Test covers all four skills: Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. Test Takers are given a time limit to complete the tasks.

Reading and Listening modules are adaptive, which means the Test adjusts according to the Test Taker’s responses, making each test a unique and motivating experience.

It also makes the Test shorter and more accurate than traditional paper-based tests.

Speaking and Writing modules offer the Test Taker individualized tests, marked by trained Assessors.

The results of the Test are ready within 5 days, presented in a clear and informative format. The Certificate shows the Test Taker’s proficiency in each of the four skills and overall, according to CEFR levels. Read the Understanding Results guide to fully understand your certificate.

To find out the price of the Test, please contact your nearest Test Centre.

The Oxford Test of English has been designed and developed over several years, with great care taken at each stage to ensure reliability, accuracy, alignment to CEFR, and quality.

Read the Oxford Test of English Test Specifications for a detailed description of the development process.

The following letter marks the University’s endorsement and certification of the Oxford Test of English.
A letter from the University of Oxford


The Oxford Test of English is proud to be recognized by a growing number of universities, educational institutions and organizations across Spain and around the world.

Get ready for the test

Our preparation materials offer advice and extra practice so that you feel more confident when you take the Test.

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Some of our Oxford Test of English Test takers have shared their experiences of the test and how it has helped them achieve their goals.

Watch their testimonials below to find out more.

“You take the test in two hours, you have the results in 5 days, and the price is good” – Marina Rodrigo Lozano, test taker, Spain 

Watch Marina's story

“I absolutely recommend the Oxford Test of English because it takes just two hours, and you’ll have it your whole life” – Francisco Liébana Castelló, test taker, Spain 

Watch Francisco's story

“I could focus on my English instead of learning how to take a test” – Valeria Garro Abarca, test taker, Costa Rica

Watch Valeria's story
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