English Pronunciation for a Global World

Discover why successful communication doesn’t require a native speaker accent in today’s world.

    Read our position paper to:

    • Discover why international intelligibility is overtaking native-speaker accent as the most relevant pronunciation goal for learners of English today.
    • Learn why you don’t need a native speaker accent to teach and assess pronunciation effectively.
    • Discover why non-native speakers can sometimes serve as better role models for learners.

    Learner benefits:

    • Equip learners for effective international communication and prepare them to interact with English speakers from around the world.
    • Contribute to the development of speaking and listening skills.
    • Improve vocabulary development and help students learn to read in English more effectively.

    Teacher benefits:

    • Get practical advice from our expert panel to help you teach pronunciation with confidence.
    • Join professional development events and get exclusive cla