In the future country of Airstrip One, you’re being watched. Special screens inform the Thought Police about your every move. Winston Smith begins to rebel secretly.

Why, he asks. Why does the government spread lies, rewrite history, promote hatred and war? Why are we denied comfort, happiness, beauty, and nature? And why are we allowed no freedom? Why?

Questions fill Winston’s mind, invade his dreams. In this miserable, cold world, might he find others who are tempted to rebel? Who is that woman with dark hair? Who is O’Brien? And what are the risks of trying?

Orwell’s vision was science-fiction – but his concerns were real. Have they gone away?

Oxford Bookworms Library is a readers series for secondary and adult learners, with seven reading levels from A1-C1. Including over 270 original and adapted texts graded and available with audio and in e-book formats, it ensures a comfortable read at every level.


George Orwell, adapted by Clare West





Word count



Oxford Bookworms Library

Collection level

Stage 6


Cambridge English: First (FCE); Cambridge Advanced (CAE); IELTS 5.0 – 7.0; TOEIC 785 – 990; TOEFL 87 – 120

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