Rollercoasters: Starseeker

Luke is in trouble. Skin and his gang have a job for him. They want him to break into Mrs Little's house and steal the jewellery box. They want him to prove that he's got what it takes. That he's part of the gang. But Luke finds more than just a jewellery box in the house. He finds something so unexpected it will change his life forever!


  • Strong themes for discussion including bullying, crime, love, loss and grief
  • Emotional and intelligent, this novel will leave a lasting impression on students
  • Ideal for independent reading or classroom study
  • Free Rollercoaster Resource Pack of teaching and learning resources

Rollercoasters comprises a wide-ranging list of award-winning titles by award-winning writers, themed collections that are ideal for introducing students to the texts and poetry they will encounter later in their studies.


Tim Bowler









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