True Crime: Anna Delvey

When Anna Delvey arrived in New York in 2013, everyone thought that she was rich. She ate at the best restaurants, went to the most exclusive parties, stayed in the most expensive hotels, and only wore designer clothes. She seemed to have it all, but by 2019 she was on trial and had nothing. Suddenly, the world wanted to know: who is this mysterious woman? Is Anna who she said she was – or was she lying about everything? Join crime reporter Steven Chandler as he tries to find out about the real Anna Delvey.

Oxford Bookworms Library is a readers series for secondary and adult learners, with seven reading levels from A1-C1. Including over 270 original and adapted texts graded and available with audio and in e-book formats, it ensures a comfortable read at every level.


Alastair Lane





Word count



Oxford Bookworms Library

Collection level

Stage 3


Cambridge English: Preliminary (PET); IELTS 3.5 – 4.5; TOEIC 550 – 780; TOEFL 57 – 86;

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