Teen Survival Guide

You may hear adults say that being young was the best time of their lives – but being a teen can be difficult. Sometimes it feels like everything around you is changing, and there are big things happening in your brain and body, too. This book has lots of help and useful ideas about all the important things, like looking after yourself, good mental health, family, friends, dating, getting a job, and much more. It’ll help you to survive your teen years, and you’ll learn what easy things you can do to make sure that you enjoy them fully.

Oxford Bookworms Library is a readers series for secondary and adult learners, with seven reading levels from A1-C1. Including over 270 original and adapted texts graded and available with audio and in e-book formats, it ensures a comfortable read at every level.


Rachel Bladon





Word count



Oxford Bookworms Library

Collection level

Stage 4


Cambridge English: Preliminary (PET); Cambridge English: First (FCE); IELTS 3.5 – 6.0; TOEIC 550 – 940; TOEFL 57 – 109;

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