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Mediation aims to enhance understanding and negotiation of meaning between people. It isn’t a new concept – but its role in second-language teaching has recently been updated and expanded in the CEFR, and the necessary skills are much more clearly defined.

This course looks at mediation as it appears in the CEFR, and suggests ways that teachers can incorporate it into their classes. In order to develop mediation skills, students first need a clear understanding of what mediation is. We will define exactly what mediation means in the context of language teaching and why it has been established as a key 21st Century skill. This course has been designed with practical classroom application in mind, and will look at the different forms that mediation can take including spoken, written, and sociocultural mediation. Lastly, we will look at the essential question of how to effectively assess mediation.

Participants will have the chance to evaluate a range of practical classroom scenarios, and will be encouraged to develop ideas of their own for use in their own context. In addition, there will be ample opportunities to reflect on the benefits and challenges of developing students’ mediation skills.

*Only available for educational institutions

  • Focus on the meaning of mediation and its social, cultural, and plurilingual aspects.
  • Gain an understanding of intralinguistic and interlinguistic mediation, both in spoken and written mediation.
  • Consider the practical implications of teaching mediation skills in the English classroom with reference to CEFR descriptors.
  • Explore a wide range of activities for teaching and evaluating spoken, written, and socio-cultural mediation.
  • Share professional reflections and take part in interactive tasks.

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