Step Forward 2nd Edition

For vocational studies

Step Forward 2nd Edition provides the essential language and basic communication skills that English language learners need to move confidently towards their goals and use English in the real world. With a carefully graded syllabus, communicative approach and dedicated sections that focus on English in the workplace, Step Forward 2nd Edition is ideal for vocational English in FP Básica, Grado Medio and Grado Superior.

Step Forward 2nd Edition features a full suite of easy-to-use resources, including tests, lesson plans and multilevel activities, ensuring that every teacher can teach the content with confidence and every student can achieve their goals.


CEFR A1 - B2

  • Ideal for vocational studies including FP Básica, Grado Medio and Grado Superior, with practical content and specific 'At Work' sections dedicated to English in the workplace.
  • Communicative methodology focused on using English in the real world.
  • 'Everyday conversation' lessons build fluency in practical, day-to-day situations, with a focus on pronunciation.
  • Clearly presented grammar and carefully graded exercises make learning achievable for all.
  • Specifically designed to help meet the needs of mixed-ability classes.
  • A full suite of teaching resources on Oxford Premium provides easy access to a variety of classroom materials.

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