Oxford International Resources: Writing and Grammar Skills for Primary

A six-level course for International education

Developing the real-world literacy skills learners need for their future

This structured series covers years 1 – 6 and develops key writing and grammar skills with year-on-year progression. Students focus on real-world activities with an emphasis placed upon purpose and audience, giving students a reason to write.

Coming March 2024.


Alison Barber, Claire Sharkey, Katie Southwell

  • Students explore a wide range of genres, including instructions, stories, reports and diaries, games, poems and plays, writing to friends and family, and writing to persuade.
  • Open-ended activities encourage students to share ideas, widen vocabulary and write about their own interests.
  • Promotes the joy of learning with engaging writing prompts, differentiated activities and support throughout for ESL students.
  • Supports understanding and correct use of grammar. Each activity has a specific grammar focus and clear definitions and examples are provided.
  • Mapped to all key curricula including OIC, ENC and Cambridge Primary.

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