Oxford International Resources: Problem Solving and Reasoning Skills for Lower Secondary

A three-level course for International education

Developing the real-world skills learners need for their future

A comprehensive series covering years 7 – 9 that helps students develop the problem solving strategies and reasoning skills they need in the real-world. Students discover the joy of learning through exploring six themes which run through all grades: Home, family and community; Environment; The built environment; Game and sports; Plants and animals; Arts and Culture.


    Karen Morrison, Lisa Greenstein

    • Open-ended activities motivate students to choose their own way of solving a problem and to discuss ideas together.
    • Students are encouraged to use a growth mindset. Challenge activities are available to stretch students further, often bringing together concepts from the lesson or previously practised skills.
    • A problem solving record in each Practice Book allows students to reflect and discuss at the end of each unit which strategies they have used.
    • Mapped to all key curricula including OIC, ENC and Cambridge Primary.

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