Oxford IB Diploma Programme: Sports, Exercise and Health Science

Developed in cooperation with the IB and matched to the first teaching 2024 subject guide, the comprehensive Course Book and Kerboodle course offer support for key concepts, theories and skills.


    Oxford IB Diploma Programme

    • Published in cooperation with the IB so you can be assured the content is aligned, reviewed and approved.
    • Provide comprehensive coverage of all topics, structured according to the syllabus, and fully aligned to the 2024 subject guide.
    • Focus on both knowledge and skills with high quality content created by an experienced IB author.
    • Aid learner understanding with case studies, topic summaries, self-study, and data-based questions, based on the latest research.
    • Encourage skills development with a dedicated ATL skills feature, as well as a dedicated sections for the tools and inquiry process.
    • Motivate learners with a variety of engaging content, hosted on our Kerboodle online platform.
    • Support students in exam preparation with sample student answers and guidance on how to approach example exam-style questions.
    • Enable learning anywhere with mobile-optimised student resources and offline access to the digital Course Book via Kerboodle.
    • Ease the transition to the new specification with Professional Development support.

    Discover more about DP Sports, Exercise and Health Science in this handy brochure:

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