Link It!

A six-level course for teenagers

Linking your world together

Link It! provides communicative material in which grammar, vocabulary, functional language and the four skills are equally developed; along with Cambridge exam support. Its inclusive materials can help students with Special Educational Needs and emphasise development of competences.

Varied entry levels and supportive resources offer the option to adapt the series to your student’s needs. Student Book A & B versions cater for classes with shorter timetables or that require a slower pace.


Philippa Bowen, Denis Delaney


CEFR A1 – B2


80 to 100 hours; Student Book A & B versions 40-50 hours

Create confident communicators

  • Link learning in class with communication outside the classroom. ‘Let’s Talk about…’ lessons build speaking and listening competences and teach students to express themselves confidently.
  • Integrated videos in every unit engage students and model realistic communication in English: Video Link, Culture videos, and Vlogs.


Support every student with inclusive resources, underpinned by the latest pedagogical research in inclusive practices

  • Paired skills, Key Language lessons in lower levels, and step-by-step unit openers empower mixed ability classes with a flexible, staggered approach.
  • Extra Workbook activities challenge fast finishers, and levels 1–4 are split into shorter, manageable, 4-unit books.
  • Tailor-made mind maps, specially adapted tests, and grammar and vocabulary worksheets have been designed to suit students with dyslexia.


Prepare teenagers for a successful future

  • Build global skills with dedicated lessons, class presentations and group projects, giving students opportunities to work collaboratively and think critically about what they have learned.
  • Integrated Cambridge exam guidance provides consistent core skills practice (levels 3–6), while familiarising students with their layout and structure.

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Practice Kit

30 hours of online skills practice with interactive activities, media-rich content and supplementary material that extend learning beyond the classroom. Students gain confidence as they track their progress.

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