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Science Words for Little People: Nature

If you like animals, bugs, and birds, you will love this little book. All around us there are living things. Nature is everywhere. We can see it, hear it, smell it, and feel it! Join this outdoor science exploration and discover all the words, facts, and meanings needed to talk about nature together.


  • Perfect size and square format for sharing and reading together.
  • Using Oxford University Press's language expertise, these deliver big and small words to help children develop and grow.
  • Engaging picture books with handpicked words that build children's confidence with language.

This NEW series, written and illustrated by the same team as Big Words for Little People, brings grown-ups and children together to discover scientific words and concepts, and provide a foundation for learning in a way that feels good. Using carefully chosen words, each book creates a moment for children to discover first Science words they can use every day.


Helen Mortimer and Illustrator Cristina Trapanese








Science Words for Little People



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