Animal Farm

The animals of Manor Farm have had enough of their miserable lives, working for Mr Jones, so one day, they chase him and the other humans away. After this rebellion, the animals begin to work for themselves – finally, they are getting enough food and rest, and have good lives. 

When the pigs become the farm’s new leaders, everyone is happy.  After all, some of these pigs really are so clever and have excellent ideas. But then things start to go badly wrong.

George Orwell’s famous book warns us about leaders who only think about themselves, and tells a story that still matters.

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George Orwell, adapted by Nicole Irving





Word count



Oxford Bookworms Library

Collection level

Stage 3


Cambridge English: Preliminary (PET); IELTS 3.5 – 4.5; TOEIC 550 – 780; TOEFL 57 – 86;

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