Oxford Student's Dictionary 4th Edition

Monolingual dictionary ∙ 53,000 terms

The complete intermediate-to advanced-level dictionary for learners of English

Learn the most important words in English, including the words you need to study other subjects and prepare for international exams.  The Oxford Student's Dictionary is updated with the latest vocabulary, NEW Writing and Speaking Tutor, NEW Oxford 3000™, Oxford 5000™, and OPAL keywords.

The paperback dictionary includes extra digital resources available on


Leonie Hey




16 to 18+ years



Build your vocabulary

  • Over 34,000 words, 13,000 phrases and 40,000 meanings in British and American English, with highlighted curricular words.
  • Over 1,000 NEW words and meanings (gene editing, gig economy, neurodiversity, permaculture, STEAM)
  • NEW Oxford 3000™, Oxford 5000™ keywords and NEW OPAL (Oxford Phrasal Academic Lexicon) academic keywords.
  • NEW instant access to even more vocabulary practice online, including curricular videos and interactive 360-degree images, at

Broad curriculum coverage

  • Over 8,000 curriculum words for subjects such as Art, Computing, Science, Geography, History, Literature, Maths, Music and Sport.
  • NEW 600 additional curriculum words, approved by experts.
  • Subject-related images throughout the A-Z to illustrate words and meanings.

Improve your English skills to prepare for international exams

  • NEW Writing Tutor helps you plan, write and review your own writing tasks, and prepare for writing exams.
  • NEW Speaking Tutor helps you prepare for speaking exams.


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