Mentoring Skills

Oxford Teachers’ Academy*

This course is designed to support the development of mentoring in a variety of education contexts. It takes the view that mentoring consists of a one-to-one relationship that seeks to support professional development of an individual using a range of approaches, frameworks and techniques that most suit the situation in question.  

The course, therefore,

  • explores the qualities and competences of a mentor and how these might be developed,
  • identifies and practices mentor techniques and activities appropriate for the different approaches and
  • analyses the interaction frameworks which might be used in mentor meetings to enhance their developmental impact. 

In addition, the course offers practical support in the process of either evaluating an existing institutional mentor provision or in the design and implementation of a new program. The focus throughout is on hands-on experimentation with practical activities and their subsequent analysis for contextual relevance and application.

*Only available for educational institutions

  • Identify different professional learning processes and how they might be supported in the one-to-one interaction.
  • Identify the purposes of different approaches to mentoring support and evaluate them for their appropriateness in different contexts.
  • Compare different frameworks for a mentoring conversation and analyse possible communication interventions for their purpose.
  • Analyse a range of mentoring teacher support activities for the learning processes they foster, their intended outcomes and the mentor roles that would support them.
  • Create an action plan for the establishment or review of a mentoring programme in the local context.
  • Identify the potential challenges to a successful mentoring relationship, their possible causes, and the strategies that might be used to engage with them.
  • Experience different mentoring activities as mentor and mentee, and analyse the processes and outcomes for their impact on the participants and their professional development.
  • Evaluate a range of levels of reflective activities for their adaptability to the workplace and the types of learning they engender.

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