The new LOMLOE-compliant course for Upper Secondary

An achievable approach to unlock exam success

With Passkey, implementation of the LOMLOE and preparation for university entrance exams has never been easier! Clear and manageable methodology makes teaching off the page a breeze, while integrated Learning Situations and Mediation exercises ensure that students regularly put into practice what they have learned.

complete component offer includes a Workbook and the Exam Trainer*, to be used separately or combined for maximum effect. The blended offer includes a wide range of skills, grammar and vocabulary practice, and exam preparation material that students can work on at home or in the classroom.

*Available in 2024.


Ben Wetz, Patrick Howarth, Laura Broadbent, Thomas Hadland


CEFR B1 – B1+

Level 2

Available 2024

Seamless integration of Learning Situations and Mediation allows you to implement the LOMLOE with ease.

  • Regular Learning Situations allow students to work on collaborative, real-life tasks and put grammar, vocabulary and skills into practice, while developing their problem-solving skills.
  • Mediation practice integrated throughout the unit facilitates communication and enhances students’ ability to paraphrase, summarise, clarify and explain information.
  • A full Continuous assessment package includes Specific Competences tests and evaluation rubrics.

A clear and manageable methodology based on competence-based learning.

  • Students develop written production skills through targeted language practice, guided planning and clear examples.
  • Clear objectives at the start of every unit, colour-coded lessons, and structured grammar tables make learning accessible for all.
  • Feature boxes teach students skills strategies and develop their ‘learning to learn’ competence.
  • Scaffolded Speaking tasks guide students step by step to clear communication.

Thorough preparation for university entrance exams sets students up for success.

  • Clearly labelled exam tasks introduce students to the exercises they will face in their university entrance exams.
  • The Writing Workshop in the Student’s Book provides a step-by-step, visual guide for students to study with colour-coded key phrases, model texts, and a list of useful expressions.
  • The Exam Trainer provides solid exam preparation with useful tips and exam strategies, as well as extensive practice of the most frequent task types for all regions. The Writing section offers careful practice of necessary structures and annotated model answers with examiner’s comments.
  • The Exam Trainer Online Practice provides additional region-specific exam practice for students to ensure that they are fully prepared for the exact university entrance exam in your region.

Engage and motivate learners with a rich video offer:

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