Daisy, Robin and Me! Red

A three-level course for Pre-Primary education

Who do you want to be?

Daisy, Robin and Me! is an exciting course that encourages learning through play and builds on children’s love of dressing up. 


Jennifer Dobson, Alicia Vázquez, Mary Charrington, Charlotte Covill, Ana Isabel Abellán



Daisy, Robin and Me! – Green, Blue and Red – encompasses: 
Whole child development by focusing on multiple intelligences and interdisciplinary learning. 
A new adventure in every unit inspired by the choice of costume from the dressing-up box. 
Learning by doing for maximum motivation through songs, stories and games. 
Unique integrated digital package for interactive learning to engage your pupils and support your lessons. 
In Daisy, Robin and Me! Blue and Red you will also find: 

  • Craft projects for individuals, groups or the whole class 
  • Phonics and literacy with digital support 

For extended timetables, Daisy, Robin and Me! Red shows British Culture through the Nursery School DVD Lessons, along with songs and a poster to practice new vocabulary. 

Discover more about the course in thishandy overview. 

Green - Shorter timetables 

Blue - Regular timetables 

Red - Extended timetables 

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