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Oxford Flipped Natural Sciences

A CLIL project for Primary

Teach to reach all students

Oxford Flipped is a blended learning project that combines both digital and print materials to create a student-centred learning experience. 

With Oxford Flipped, students apply and practice their knowledge through a variety of different active learning activities that develop 21st century skills. 

Based on the flipped classroom learning model, Oxford Flipped implements active learning processes and enables teachers to reach all students. 


Lisa Davies, Nina Lauder, Amanda McLoughlin



  • Students are motivated by a wide range of games and content delivered to suit their individual learning styles.  

  • Students are more active participants in their own learning process. They can play and replay content in different formats as many times as they need to. 

  • Class time is reformatted to apply different active learning methodologies. The Oxford Flipped Field Book forms part of a dynamic learning process, with collaborative activities for classroom use. 

  • Students and parents can access My Flipped Progress to track learning and performance. 

  • Select individual units or enjoy the full course. 

  • Game-based learning platform for student and teacher with multimedia content, digital activities, games and support materials. 

  • Oxford Premium: Teacher exclusive access to all the teaching tools and resources. 

Oxford Flipped Learning Journey guides teachers through the content to show them how to make the most of their classes through 15 micro training videos.  


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