A four-level course for Secondary education

Engaging learners, achieving goals

Energize helps every student to achieve through engaging, real-life content and a step-by-step approach to building skills and learning practical, everyday English.

Blended solution

Your students can enjoy all the benefits of the print and the digital book for flexible learning wherever they are.

  • Student's Book with Student's Book eBook
  • Workbook with interactive Digital Workbook
  • Project 360º
  • Active Learning Kit


Cheryl Pelteret, Rebecca Lesourd, Paul Driver, Dan Morris, Caroline Cooke, Paul Kelly, Helen Halliwell, Sarah Walker, Christina de la Mare, Katherine Stannett


CEFR A1+ – B1


Monolingual, Castilian, and Catalan editions of Workbook available



Energize students with engaging, relatable material that reflects their own reality

  • Content is based around real-world topics and familiar situations. Students are transported beyond the classroom as they explore panoramic images and multimedia content at their own pace through Project 360º. Guided pair and group activities give learners the opportunity to collaborate and use practical English.

Instil confidence with manageable lessons, achievable learning aims, and realistic goals.

  • Carefully structured lessons with clear aims help students to accomplish attainable goals and recognise their own progress and development. Manageable activities enable students to develop and consolidate their knowledge, and provide them with the necessary sub-skills for clear oral and written communication. Collaborative project tasks encourage teenagers to work together in English, taking on different roles and levels of responsibility.

Help every student succeed with tailored support for mixed ability classes.

  • Supportive, structured content reaches all abilities and complements different learning styles, while consolidating students’ skills and understanding. Interactive voice recording tool Real Talk gives learners a ‘safe space’ to develop their speaking skills, without worrying about making mistakes in front of their classmates.

Streamline your lessons and make teaching simpler with straightforward, easy-to-use materials.

  • Energize allows you to focus on one skill at a time and make clear, steady and organised progress. Straightforward, teach-off-the-page material and pre-prepared Kahoot! quizzes reduce lesson planning and help you to concentrate on teaching. Energize’s appealing, easy-to-use digital package allows you to integrate digital materials effortlessly and easily engage teenagers.

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Get your class talking with guided Everyday English lessons! Step-by-step video input, presented by teenage vloggers, is broken down into manageable chunks. 
Students continue their learning at home by using the Real Talk voice recording tool to improve their speaking skills. This feature helps learners to feel more confident by providing a ‘safe space’ to practise speaking at their own pace, free from time constraints and peer pressure. 

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