Headway 5th Edition Beginner for Diversificación

For diversificación curricular learners

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Building on proven methodology and a trusted syllabus, Headway 5th Edition Beginner is split into two levels to cater to the specific needs of diversificación curricular. With a steady and carefully developed beginner’s syllabus, as well as motivating texts and topics, Headway 5th Edition Beginner provides fresh and relevant English instruction at the right level that is tailored to your diversificación curricular students’ needs.

90% of teachers who responded to the Headway Oxford Impact study believe Headway has helped their students progress to the next level of study.* Its balanced methodology of vocabulary, grammar and skills provides the support students need to consolidate their knowledge and progress in English.


*Oxford Impact is a unique way of evaluating the impact that educational products and services from Oxford University Press have on teaching and learning.


Liz & John Soars and Paul Hancock




40 to 60 hours

A perfectly balanced grammar and skills syllabus based on a world-renowned methodology.

  • An achievable grammar progression, carefully developed for beginners, caters perfectly to the needs of diversificación curricular groups.
  • Clear and visually-appealing lessons ensure support for students of all abilities.
  • Grammar summaries and translated wordlists at the end of each unit help with frequent revision of language and topics.

Practical, real-life content for today’s students.

  • Engaging texts, topics and tasks, and realistic activities motivate students, helping them navigate every-day situations.
  • A rich video offer provides the option to extend topics.
  • Steady development of the four skills with a focus on basic communication skills.

Inspiring unit opener pages.

  • Main language areas and skills are clearly listed on the unit opener pages.
  • An inspiring photograph and questions introduce the unit topic, generating discussion and encouraging students to think about issues that have an impact on their lives.
  • Video introductions provide an overview of the content included in each unit.

Complete teacher’s resources on Oxford Premium help you save time.

  • A complete assessment package includes unit, end of term and end of year tests, placement tests, competence tests as well as evaluation materials for students with dyslexia.
  • LOMLOE programaciones incorporate learning situations and complete lesson plans mapped to evaluation criteria.

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