Oxford International Lower Secondary English

Deepen learners' understanding of English language and literature

Give students the skills they need to become confident communicators with a strong grasp of English language, vocabulary and grammar. Students discover the joy of learning through speaking and listening, reading extracts from around the world and writing and performing.


Alison Barber, Rachel Redford, Eve Sullivan, Emma Danihel, Mark Saunders and Patricia Mertin

  • An enquiry-based approach encourages learner agency and active collaboration.
  • Students explore global themes, asking the big questions and making connections between different aspects of our world.
  • Comprehension questions are categorised A (retrieval), B (language techniques) and C (inference) to allow for differentiation and to track progress.
  • Language tips explain key grammar points and Word origins boxes help make connections across languages and build vocabulary.
  • Comprehensive Teacher’s Guides support the Student Books with lesson guidance and additional ideas for teaching.
  • Oxford International Lower Secondary English is part of the Oxford International Lower Secondary curriculum. Learn more here about the full range of books and resources available.

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