Big Bright Ideas

A six-level course for Primary education

Imaginative learning for curious minds

Contemporary topics in an enquiry-based context lead up to The Big Project and encourage development of critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity. The Big Write provides scaffolded literacy development and exam preparation and practice in every level to ensure lasting success.

Blended Solution

Your students can enjoy all the benefits of the print and the digital book for flexible learning wherever they are.


Cheryl Palin, Tamzin Thompson, Katherine Bilsborough, Steve Bilsborough, Sarah Phillips, Mary Charrington, Charlotte Covill


CEFR Pre-A1 – A2

Enquiry-based approach boosts 21st century skills

Collaboration, critical thinking, communication, and creativity are developed in every unit with clearly flagged activities.

Fun blogging concept

Blogging activities draw upon children’s existing knowledge and encourage them to share ideas, making them feel part of the course.

Online game world

An exciting game world with animated stories appeals to young learners’ imaginations.

Cambridge English Young Learners exam preparation

Exam syllabus is closely linked to the course contents to ensure that students are prepared for Flyers by the end of Level 6.

Oxford Bilingual Journey

See how Big Bright Ideas links to New Think Do Learn with the Oxford Bilingual Journey, the cross-curricular approach that unites English language teaching and content in English.

  • Enquiry based learning: Big Bright Ideas puts students at the centre of their own education. The process begins with a real-world problem or challenge and the teacher acts as a facilitator, guiding the students to identify their own questions, and then seek information, working together to find solutions.
  • Learning Situations: The Big Project every term is carefully staged so that students collaborate together to define what they need to know, carry out research, plan and present depending on their individual strengths. The Community Task in every unit is a further opportunity to extend lessons with authentic aims for the wider community. 
  • Global citizenship: Big Bright Ideas series raise the students’ awareness of being part of a global community by helping them to develop an awareness of the people around them and in the wider world, and gain an insight into their culture.
  • Continuous assessment: Full assessment package with termly exams plus the Active Learning Kit with iProgress Check and Learning Record, which encourage students to learn independently.

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