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Cubiertas títulos ELT y GENiOX

Key requirements of the LOMLOE are perfectly balanced in all subject areas.

Easily implement key competences, learning situations, continuous assessment, inclusivity and more in your teaching. Learn more.

The blended solution aligns across titles for an identical user-friendly experience.

Our digital resources adapt to any teacher's teaching style and student's learning process, facilitating the acquisition and assimilation of content while our innovative tools help students develop their digital competence. Find out more here.

Robust linguistic connections


Language is sequenced and scaffolded to support learning and comprehension. Students have extra grammar support through additional worksheets (available on Oxford Premium), aligned to both ELT and CLIL courses.  

Specific sections to help with bilingualism:

  • The Coordinator's Pack includes annual content charts, which include all subjects which may be taught in English, and cross-curricular term projects which involve all those subjects, which combine content with work on skills.
  • In CLIL with Phil, our expert, Phil Ball, presents us with tools to help bilingual teachers and class preparation for language assistants with specific resources such as videos and activities.
  • In the GENiOX Desktop, various resources specifically designed for the CLIL classroom are included: scaffolding worksheets, language assistant worksheets and a bilingual dictionary. All of these include teacher's notes and answer keys, prepared to help you teach your class.

Learning situations

Learning Situations OBJ
  • With carefully-staged, interdisciplinary learning situations, students work together to resolve real-life challenges. Teaching notes and evaluation rubrics support both learners and teachers. 
  • Achievable learning situations propose tasks that must be worked on in a creative and practical way, that evaluate the specific competences worked on in each unit.

Strong links between methodology and content

  • Competency-based learning motivates and engages students of all abilities. 

  • Focus on sustainable development and global citizenship.  

  • Activities in a variety of formats for different learning styles.  

  • Continuous assessment activities, self-assessment resources, and detailed notes in Teacher's Guide.  

Develop students’ competences

  • Work on key competences encourages active learning to achieve full personal and social development.  

  • Motivating tasks and activities develop critical thinking, while thinking routines deepen students' reasoning, promoting the understanding and expression of ideas.  

  • Learning situations foster the ability to observe and analyse through communication and cooperative decision-making.

  • Projects encourage collaboration, critical thinking and creativity.

Innovative digital tools

iProgress Check OBJ
  • Content is reinforced with interactive digital activities, listening activities and talking book audios, all of which improve students' understanding and pronunciation.

  • Other innovative teaching tools, such as interactive quizzes, are also available to help further practice. 

  • Test Generator to prepare for exams: personalise your test by choosing content, language, difficulty and question type.

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