Brighter Ideas

A six-level course for Primary education

Enquire, engage, achieve

Unleash the power of enquiry-based learning to ignite students' curiosity, foster meaningful engagement, and propel students towards success with Brighter Ideas. Students collaborate to answer real-world questions while practising English language communication skills, working through a range of motivating and thought-provoking topics, including videos from the UNHCR.

Levels 2, 4 and 6 coming in 2025.


Cheryl Palin, Katie Foufouti, Tamzin Thompson, Mary Charrington, Charlotte Covill, Sarah Phillips, Helen Casey, Kirstie Grainger, Katherine Bilsborough, Steve Bilsborough

  • Enquiry-based learning, combined with real cultural content, allows students to collaborate and communicate in a meaningful way.
  • Integrated Continuous assessment helps students achieve their learning goals, while built-in exam preparation tests their knowledge and prepares them for exam success.
  • Support mixed-ability students with a rich and flexible bank of resources, and engage parents with home-ready activities in the Parent Pack.
  • Captivate students with new songs, videos and interactive activities in the Classroom Presentation Tool.
  • Oxford English Hub: all your Brighter Ideas digital materials, in one place.​ A simple user experience for teachers and learners with one website URL​, one sign-in with Oxford ID​ and one access code.
  • Incorporate the LOMLOE with learning situations through carefully-staged Big Projects every term so students collaborate together to define what they need to know, carry out research, then plan and present depending on their individual strengths. 

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