Oxford Discover 2nd Ed.

A six-level course for Primary education

Creating young thinkers with great futures

With integrated 21st Century skills, language support, challenging grammar, and a complete assessment package, this enquiry-based course prepares students for success while helping them achieve near-native fluency in English.


Lesley Koustaff, Susan Rivers, Kathleen Kampa, Charles Vilina, Kenna Bourke



Inspire your students with motivating resources that develop their cognitive ability, fluency, and 21st century skills

A new app, video activities, and interactive grammar animations encourage meaningful communication and get students talking in a natural way.

Encourage learners to excel with resources that support their learning and measure progress

NEW Teacher's Online Resources provide teachers with flexible resources to support every learner, including mixed-ability worksheets, revision activities, and assessment support.

Support parents with home-school resources that improve students’ learning outcomes

Parent’s letter and downloadable Parent’s Guides contain course information and fun activities to improve students’ English language learning at home.

Big Questions linked to a school subject form the basis of every unit

This approach – linking to subjects such as social studies, art, science, math, or music –encourages learners to explore and discuss the world around them, building strong communication and critical thinking skills.

Discover more about the course in thishandy overview. 

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