My Little CLIL World

A CLIL project for Pre-Primary

Your jump-start to bilingualism

Children’s questions about the world lay at the heart of My Little CLIL World, sparking students’ curiosity and making every project unique. 

My Little CLIL World is an original project designed specifically for the bilingual Pre-Primary class. 

It is a project driven, so a key feature is the flexibility that we offer teachers in terms of adapting the project to meet their real needs, as opposed to having to adapt their planning to a rigid structure.  

All 6 projects in levels A and B can be worked on separately in our new modular edition.  


Nina Lauder, Susan Bolland, Jessica Henderson, Marlena Kennedy


Starter, Level A, Level B

  • The perfect combination of flexibility and guidance: Created with insights into the ways way children acquire language skills, providing a supportive, organic learning path. 

  • Fun, engaging projects follow the curriculum while also including room for creativity: This pProject-driven approach inspires students’ imaginations and invites them to explore the world through exciting experiments, crafts, songs, and documentaries. 

  • Holistic approach promotes deep understanding of both language and content areas: Motivating resources created specifically for English learners develop thinking skills across all curriculum areas. 

  • Multiple discovery paths – all centredcentered on enquiry-based learning – offer different ways of carrying out the projects: Introduction to the scientific method is inherent in every path, encouraging autonomous learning and critical thinking skills. 

  • Teacher’s materials will include an iPack with songs, interactive posters, video tutorials for crafts and experiments, animations, and documentaries. 

  • Videos come as a children's television program, in which the protagonists introduce the contents in a playful and attractive way. 

Find out how My Little CLIL World links to Archie’s World content with Oxford Bilingual Journey, a customisable framework that supports you and your students on the path to bilingualism. 


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